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Elemental Sounds of the Universe

On the Path of Truth I have been falling and falling, standing up again and again and keep on walking.
And I keep on walking this magnificent walk of remembrance called Love.

Estas Tonne’ is a charismatic being who is committed to artistic expression and the authentic unfolding of music. Authenticity and self-renewal make him explore the individuality of sound and the possibilities of how the sounding source can create a space that arises creatively and that at the same time allows the listener to momentarily adapt it – for the purpose of wellbeing and for the purpose of a shift.

By traveling to countless countries and places Estas Tonne finds himself in several cultural references without identifying himself with a single nation or country, rather with the cultural richness of the world. His music is therefore a reflection of many approaches. A fusion of classical structure, the technique of Flamenco, roots of Gypsy, characteristics of Latin and Electronic Soundscape – a variety of styles flowing into each other almost unnoticed and showing up as surprises in a harmonious structure of sound, reaching out differently in each performance, yet always in unique form and melody.

His music is getting shaped by emotional expression and a wide range of audible elements that not only stem from various music genres but from the access to emotions themselves. They weave the sparkle of joy into the music, the tension of challenges, the velocity of excitement, the gentleness of openheartedness, the grace of divine connection, and the balance of the “I” at ease.

Life in the immediate presence is therefore integrating itself technically and emotionally, acoustically and electronically, dynamically and most often silently. All these influences create a new soundtrack in each performance steadily raising the awareness for the transforming and powerful within the sound.

Two opposites are the fields from where the music is formed. It is the underlying structure of “I know“ and the additional uniqueness of improvisation with the starting point of “I don’t know“. This particular approach of creating music encompasses both, the foundation and freedom at the same time. Thus, the sound space unfolds according to the respective situation and allows the composition, variation and musical theme to appear with variety instead of repetition in the melodic line.

The meaning of “meditative“ does not mean minimalistic or motionless in the musical happening, It rather means to create access to the personal emotional biography, its focus and situative conditions. As different the listener’s state of mind can be, as dynamically different an Internal Flight can be experienced.

Estas Tonne’ performs at concerts, conferences, Street, Yoga, Art or other Festivals, etc., yet he is involved in collaborations that range from different film projects, poetry, meditation to dance or circus art. His involvement in the film project “Time of The Sixth Sun“ shows him in the role of the traveling Troubadour who spreads a meaningful impact on society and the world while experiencing his inner transformation.

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The tour Vision 2020 has been postponed to Autumn 2022 due to global events.
It has now evolved into Envision 2022 marking a start of a new chapter.
The new dates are listed below, with more locations being confirmed gradually.
If you need to discuss your purchase, please contact the agencies you’ve bought the tickets from.
Estas & family


  • Oct10 Brick-15, Wien, AT - [Internal Flight Experience] Brick-15 - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct11 Marx Halle, Wien, Austria, AT Marx Halle - [SOLO Feat. Dr. BUBBLES] Tickets
  • Oct13 KZ Domovina, Prague, CZ - [Internal Flight Experience] KZ Domovina - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct14 Theatre Hybernia, Prague, CZ Theatre Hybernia - [SOLO Feat. Dr. BUBBLES] Tickets
  • Oct16 MomKult, Budapest, HU MomKult - [SOLO Feat. Dr. BUBBLES] Sold out!
  • Oct18 Lighthouse club, Trnava, SK Lighthouse club - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct19 Lighthouse club, Trnava, SK - [Internal Flight Experience] Lighthouse club - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct21 Kalliolan Setlementti, Helsinki, FI - [Internal Flight Experience] Kalliolan Setlementti - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct22 Kulttuuritalo, Helsinki, FI Kulttuuritalo - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct23 Kultuurikeskus, Tallinn, EE Kultuurikeskus - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct25 VEF Kultūras pils, Rīga, LV VEF Kultūras pils - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Oct27 Dragonfly Land, Lithuania, LT - [Internal Flight Experience] Dragonfly Land - [SOLO] Sold out!
  • Oct29 Šv. Jonų bažnyčia, Vilnius, LT Šv. Jonų bažnyčia - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Nov01 Casino Estoril, Cascais, Portugal, PT Casino Estoril - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Nov02 Art Kaizen, Lisboa, PT - [Internal Flight Experience] Art Kaizen - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Nov06 Ball Sports Arena, Dresden, DE Ball Sports Arena - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Nov08 Samsung Hall, Zürich, CH Samsung Hall - [SOLO] Tickets
  • Nov10 Alhambra, Genève, CH Alhambra - [SOLO] Sold out!
  • Nov15 Charles Bronfman Hall of Culture, Tel Aviv, IL Charles Bronfman Hall of Culture - [ESTAS TONNE & FRIENDS] Tickets
  • Nov19 Union Chapel, London, UK Union Chapel - [SOLO] Sold out!
  • Nov22 Liberty Hall, Dublin, IE Liberty Hall - [SOLO] Sold out!
  • Dec24 Dec31 Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Costa Rica, CR Gayatri Festival - [DEVA PREMAL and GUESTS] Tickets

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