The year 2015 has been chosen for a time out and a recovery after being on the road almost 15 years. I did feel that playing music doesn’t stop here and kept a possibility open for spontaneous performances to come. One of the highlights of the year has been a reunion with old dear friends: Martin Etcheverry and Ezequel Etcheverry of “Seis Cuerdas” guitar duo, currently based in Los Angeles. They arrived to the city of Landshut, Bavaria for a performance at the Landshut Spektakel International Festival. As I’m frequently coming to Landshut, the spontaneous decision came to join the festival for one performance only. Another dear friend, an organizer of the festival, Martin Hilz have agreed to create a “window” for a guest performance for what I’m deeply grateful, especially as this festival became kind of a home ground to meet with other artists as well as a very appreciative audience. I’ve had a first hour set alone and for another 1,5 hours, the “Seis Cuerdas” have joined on stage.
For many years, as I would come and go to and from Los Angeles, we have shared so much time on the 3d street Promenade in Santa Monica, but only had one jam back in the States. Though the intensity and a storytelling of the sound produced through us are very different, I always knew about a common space where we could meet musically. They’ve had rock musical background along with classical and flamenco-latino flavors and mostly settled in one place.
My life experience has been shaping the musical expression throughout countless travels around the globe, observing the cultural essences and an inner spiritual development. Regardless to some musical differences there is a space where we all meet and in this space, in spite of a very busy festival schedule, we’ve had our moment. I feel deeply appreciative to such meetings as each round connects us deeper with each other as well as with the self.

Expected release date: 2021-2023

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