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“Mother of Souls” album started as an impulse to let this music become a collective creation of sounds,
it took us more than 3 years to bring the necessary elements together.
Featuring more than 20 artists from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Uruguay, France, USA, India, Latvia, Romania, England, Argentina, Lithuania,
it’s only another step to bring various cultures and backgrounds together, where a mixture of vibrations unites in ONE BREATH…
Thanks for Being!


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8 thoughts on ““MOTHER OF SOULS”

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  1. William 5 years ago

    Thank you for sharing this music with us

  2. Marika CARTWRIGHT 5 years ago

    Mother of Souls *reaching out for the light *inner vision *outer manifestation*Souls Expanded to touch all of creation

  3. Stivell 5 years ago

    Yes, that’s music . . . where ever you are . . .

  4. Karen Alford 5 years ago

    Holy father moon, holy sun, holy mother earth, with out, we ALL would not bee 🙂
    Your muse-ic is simply breath taking….holy spiritually refreshing 🙂

  5. Valeria Araujo 5 years ago

    Pure beauty and inspiration coming out of his fingers and the strings of his guitar.

  6. Thaiel 5 years ago

    The feeling of music is in your soul, it make me think what’s positive in my life

  7. William David Avila 5 years ago

    ET, your music is amazing, the vibrations of each wave coming out of your guitar touches my mind, my spirit and my heart … you are amazing with your energy !!! Thanks for your music!!!!

  8. Carole Heaton 6 years ago

    Musical expression connects with our highest self through our emotions. I am drawn to your captivating musicality as a moth to a lightbulb, it’s speaks to me from so many levels. Thank you for sharing your life journey Estas. Love and Light