Since I was a very small child, a word Estonia has been very present in my life. There was a story, I’ve heard form a grandfather that our ancestors came from Estonian lands. During this lifetime I’ve got to know, collect and remember some parts of the physical story visiting countless places around the world.

It might sound strange to many, though I’m aware that more and more people on this planet get to remember that this reality isn’t the only one existing in the universe and our souls are ageless, timeless travelers through time and space.

Following the decision to take a time out from touring in the year of 2015, I kept the door open for a spontaneous possibility to share this music. While driving from Germany towards the Baltic states, a first stop was at the Garavasara Festival in Latvia, were countless of friends gathered. From that point on I had no idea what to expect from an Estonian adventure. Of course I’ve had lots of contacts and potential places to stay, though there was a feeling that everything will unfold perfectly and “following an unknown road” is essential. A short meeting leading to another and another and another brought me to the exceptionally deep experiences. A spontaneously organised “sold out” concert in Tallinn and appearance in the “Hallo Kosmos” brought lots of insights. And a spontaneous playing on the streets of Tallinn has been one of the highlights of the year 2015. And once again, our collaboration with Giedrius Dagys allowed these moments to be shared. With deep appreciation to the land we call Estonia and its people for those timeless moments.

Bellow you can witness the outcome in form of a video of Estas Tonne street appearance

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