ARMONIA: Love to the World
A heart to heart musical gathering sending love to the cosmos

This Thursday the 27th of MAY – (Singing Circle) with Urias at 6 pm.
This Friday the 28th of MAY – (Ceremonial Trip) with Balam, Bogdan & Matias at 6 pm.
(EST local time zone: GMT-5)

Soundtrip and healing experience featuring Estas Tonne, with one aim :
to bring love and harmony to the world around us and to ourselves.
We will start the celebration with an opening ceremony with our grandfather the Fire.
The Wind will guide us with his gentle yet powerful caress.
The Earth our universal mother and the ancestral land we are on will be there to ground us.
Our sister the Sea will be with us throughout this journey, and we will hold our closing ceremony by her side.

“Find the truth in yourself. Open Wide, we are one. Space and time connected in love, here and now.”

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