This Sound Ceremony took place at IKAL (Tulum, Mexico) 28 May 2021

For two days and two nights, the beings from all backgrounds gathered spontaneously at Ikal, with countless meetings have taken place over these days.
We firstly met in a singing circle ceremony by a fire, in their yoga shala during daytime and shared precious jewels of wisdom, which each of us carries in the heart thanks to experiencing life in so many different forms.
There was not one teacher because all of us are students and teachers to each other.
We gathered to share these moments, to send a wish, a thought, a prayer to the world, and strengthen the feeling of harmony that breathes in us, through us, once we meet in co-creation that gives space to our uniqueness and strength coming from the differences.
This sound journey is a glimpse into that moment, a culmination of this memorable gathering in a form of a sound ceremony.
As a symbol of unity, many loving hands created a mandala in front of the stage with seeds and flowers. The closure of the ceremony climaxed with the destruction of the mandala and spreading the flowers and seeds into the Caribbean Sea to send out a Prayer of Harmony to the world.
One day, we will be able to share the whole audio recording of the sound ceremony so that all can experience the depth and richness of it. Meanwhile, may you enjoy this precious captured moment, which manifested in absolute spontaneity without any prior rehearsals.

We live in an outstanding moment of life on Earth.
The world is divided like it never was before.
Like never, even in the midst of the most horrific wars, that humans had to go through, this moment of our lives is still carrying a potential.
A potential for all of us to start seeing beyond the circumstances, opinions, fears and striving for survival.
A potential to embrace our differences and our painful past and present.
It is a gift, which makes every human life a treasure, once it knows the opposites and sees that all of it has a meaning and purpose.
We are all writing this new chapter of life. It very much depends on all of us to step into our humanness, our humanity.
Blessed we are to Be.

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