Celebrating Regenerative Living & Culture with Music

On May 16, 2021 in Tulum, Mexico, together with Bogdan Djukic, Matías da Via and Alvaro Om Balam a spontaneous sound journey was shared as a closing ceremony of the TRIBALIZE Regenerative Living Summit IV.
Without a prior rehearsal, a sacred space was created through harmonious musical alchemy in order to experience a sense of hope, vision and love. The music enabled to feel what is believed to be an example of regenerative living culture, which starts from the wellbeing of every individual. The sound journey is an invitation to reflect upon the impact of the collective on one’s life as the music continuously unfolds from moment to moment, from the heart of one to the One Heart of all. May we continue bringing the inspiration to our own circles and contribute to the change that we wish to see in the world!

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With gratitude to Bogdan Djukic, Matías da Via and Alvaro Om Balam for another memorable co-creation!

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