Custom Hanika HE-Lattice Guitar for Estas Tonne

In 2014 we made the first Hanika guitar for Estas, and a few months ago he received the third Hanika, specially made to his specifications and ideas, a HE-Lattice Custom.
Estas Tonne is a modern-day troubadour who plays the music spontaneously based on emotional expression and deeper connection in a given moment.
Influenced by his many years of musical wanderings across the continents, cities and streets Estas Tonne developed his unmistakable guitar style, which is characterised by a harmonious symbiosis of diverse elements: From delicately sensitive sounds to incredibly magical virtuoso sequences.

Estas’ performances are distinctive sound journeys intended to create a sacred space, where sound meets silence in a ceremony inviting participants to discover music as a tool for an inner shift. Estas plays at concerts, festivals, conferences and community gatherings, while he also supports meaningful projects ranging from film, theatre, dance, visual arts and more.

An incredible virtuoso on the guitar, Estas Tonne astonishes millions of people and by now he plays three different Hanika models, a Hanika 58PC-Custom, a Hanika 1a-Lattice-Custom and now brand new a Hanika HE-Lattice-Custom, all three built to Estas’ specifications and requirements, as well as being equipped with an incense holder especially for him.


 It has been an absolute delight to work with Armin Hanika and the whole team of Hanika House. Their fine craftsmanship, dedication and great service are just a few highlights that make me play their instruments and enjoy our collaboration for many years.

Words and sound intertwined in a story, ready to bring us into one Flow!
Played with a new Hanika HE-Lattice-Custom guitar.

Few Pictures of Hanika HE-Lattice-Custom Gutar.
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