Earthkeepers Summit happening on the 19th to 23rd of December!


Dear friends!
We appreciate another opportunity to connect virtually, this time as a part of the

To get encouraged and inspired to make meaningful changes in your personal life and join a global movement towards a healthier future, we invite you on a unique journey to understand the secrets of health, ecology, conservation, science and holistic healing during the 5-day online Earthkeepers Summit happening on the 19th to 23rd of December!

Join us and more than 30 world-renowned scientists, entrepreneurs, visionaries and medicine men & women who will come together to share their wisdom on how to craft a sacred journey through this life in stewardship of mother earth.
The Summit’s rich program hopes to inspire you through stories, ancient healing wisdom, meditations and practical teachings to help you find your inner calling, bring peace and harmony during turbulent times, and reconnect you with nature.

We will be sharing a unique sound journey and reflections recorded specifically for the Summit so we can pause together, check within and see deeper what is our role in the collective wellbeing.
What are we planting here for all of us? What are we doing with the gift received from the Great Mystery, with the gift of being alive?
Let’s look together during the Summit’s moments!

To heal the wounds we have inflicted on Mother Earth we must surrender to a deeper awareness that lies within us and live in connection with natural law: consciously, alive, and with spiritual depth.   

–Earthkeepers Summit

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