POLAND 23-26.06.2022

Join us this summer for a transformational festival of art and awareness where multiple forms of art become a bridge between dreams and reality.

Set off on a journey to the Land of Dreamers, where we celebrate the alchemy of art with the spirit of nature, surrounded by the beauty of the Bolimów Forest (70 km from the center of Warsaw).

Many renowned artists will guide us to visit inner galaxies through their creativity, music, sets, singing, dancing, and sharing knowledge.
Estas will offer a sound journey on the 25th of June and we also look forward to spontaneous co-creating with dear artist friends, such as Mose, Ape Chimba, Uria Tsur and many others!

Dreamersland festival is a space where cultures, styles and creative experiences combine with exciting journeys through the vastness of the spirit, mind and imagination.

We offer a Contest to win tickets to Dreamersland festival

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