12 – 14 August – Awakeland, Portugal

An invitation to a unique 3-day experience in the heart of Portugal.
Welcome to join us for a journey beyond time and worlds at the exquisite Awakeland,
located at the foothills of the Monchique mountains, between the mountains and the sea.

Through the portals of Sound and Movement, we will cultivate profound and subtle sensory awareness and enter the inner place where there is no time, and no destination. Coined the art of reincarnating in the same body, Holistic Dance Language is the embodiment technique developed by Zola Dubnikova. In combination with our Internal Flight Experience, we will take an internal flight through sound and journey beyond what we have known so far.

Program includes:

  • Embodiment practices through breath repatterning, vocal release, seed sounds, movement medicine & energetic awareness
  • Contemporary body science & techniques to develop an awareness of sacred geometry within and without
  • Earth practices (slow movements with a focus on deep inner listening & release)
  • Receiving tools to support us in cultivating ‘everyday ecstasy’
  • Sacred human teachings
  • Internal flight and Sound Journey

This Experience is designed to support us to:

  • Release unhealthy physical patterns & tension
  • Tap into our intuitive, instinctual powers
  • Follow pathways of pleasure within and without
  • Cultivate a deep sense of humbleness, gratitude, and surrender
  • Heal and empower the root center, giving us to tools to explore the relationship of our sexual centers to vital organs and energy centers of the body in order to cultivate deeper vitality and life force energy
  • Open the doors of spiritual ecstasy, connection and heart-opening
  • Work with archetypal energies to source deeper vitality & empowerment
  • Experience enhanced sense of well being and sense of purpose
  • Tune into our deepest dreams and visions
  • Reconnect to our divine source and the wisdom carried within


11th – Check-in from 3 pm
12th – First session 10 am
14th – Last session ends at 7:30 pm
15th – 11 am Check out


Workshop early bird: 900€ (Until July 12th)
After early bird: 1100€ (From July 12th)
Discounted prices for Locals with Portuguese Nationality: 500€ (400€ Discount)


4 nights,
All vegetarian meals included
240€ Dorm
280€ Triple room
340€ Double shared room
520€ Single room

Serafina via zolaestas@gmail.com


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