Inner exploration with Estas Tonne

Throughout the years of meeting in countless sound circles, we have clearly observed the transforming power that music has on our inner well-being. It has always been our wish to explore this potential deeper, in a more focused environment, and move from static listening somewhere in a concert hall to active participation in the journey of sound. After a decade, we are now re-activating this possibility, which has taken a shape of a 3-hour journey called Internal Flight Experience during which we work with music, spontaneous bodily movements, breath awareness and silence.

The format of Internal Flight Experience is very different from what we have been usually sharing as it creates a safe space, where we can let go of physical and mental tensions, express emotions, shake off what no longer serves our well-being, and step onto a path of healing and self-discovery.

Internal Flight Experience sessions will be offered in selected locations as a part of the upcoming Envision Tour 2022. It is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for all to ignite a process of transformation through discovering music and own body as pathways to wellbeing, joy, and freedom.

If you feel the call, join us in October and November in Vienna, Austria; Prague, Czech; Trnava, Slovakia; Vilnius, Lithuania; Helsinki, Finland; and Tel Aviv, Israel where these „workshops“ will be happening in addition to the main sound journeys (concerts).

The tickets for Internal Flight Experience in all the particular cities will be on sale gradually. Keep an eye on tour dates!

We look forward to experiencing this inner journey with you!


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