In a few days, the ENVISION TOUR chain of sound journeys and Internal Flight Experience offerings is starting in Vienna!
The autumn winds have brought a change to the design of the tour.
ℹ️ Unfortunately, because of a back surgery that is taking longer to heal than anticipated, the drummer maestro Michael Shrieve will not be joining Estas on stage in Cascais, PT; Dresden, DE; Zürich & Geneva, CH; and London, UK. ℹ️
We wish Michael a speedy full recovery while we look forward to having another opportunity to experience his musical artistry!
Therefore, Estas will be playing the sound journeys solo also in the above-mentioned locations.
In Vienna, Prague, and Budapest, our dear brother Aramis Gehberger will join us with his exquisite bubble art!
Tel Aviv, Israel will see Estas reuniting on stage with the One Heart Family of musicians.
While a few locations are already sold out, which we watched with deep gratitude, we hope you catch your place in the circle soon enough somewhere close to your home and heart!


It has been an incredibly enriching journey of deep poetic exchanges with dear friend, Brazilian acclaimed author Heloisa Prieto, that contributed in the process of creating her new fiction book THE MUSICIAN.

The novel allows us to immerse in a story of a young musician whose life takes dramatic unexpected turns when his musical gift is unveiled. A contemporary story full of mystery and magic invites us to contemplate our own values as the captivating narrative takes us on a journey of searching for truth.

Inspired by troubadours and The Song of the Golden Dragon by Estas, Heloisa uncovers a few details about their creative collaboration:

„During The Musician’s creative process, Estas and I exchanged ideas about the healing gift of music, how do people relate with professional artists, the beautiful side of it, but also its downfall. The power of myth, as seen by Joseph Campbell, the storytelling skills as a healing gift be it through words, music or both. Childhood memories were constantly in our talks and I told Estas about my father´s words: ´When the world is ravished due to human foolishness, indigenous people will be the new leaders because only they can follow the path of the stars´.

The Musician found its way into words through a narrative imprinted by a deep, poetical exchange. If I listened to Estas‘ music, my pen was able to face new paths as he encouraged my writing by attentively listening to my scattered thoughts. It’s time for new plots to be invented, rediscovered as a way of stories, so that people can listen and love the sounds of the universe so that the word family can shelter all  types of beings.“

The Musician will be available from December 13, 2022.

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