Life says that the end is just a new beginning.

And so, recently, life brought to my sight a new yet familiar seeing.
I always carry a dream in my heart, a vision of a reality that is possible for this Earth and us humans, even though some may say that such dreams belong to a utopian point of view.
Also, some would say that it’s much easier to think and envision great realities once we have a peaceful sky above our heads and plenty of food on the table.

And that’s true, and yet without dreamers, what would this world look like?
With all of the resources we have available, and the talents humanity has, we have it all to live an extraordinary experience. How the resources are distributed that’s another topic, yet potentially we do have everything to live an exquisite life on Earth.

After completing the Envision Tour 2022, life brought me to Costa Rica again. This time for the shared retreat with the beloved hearts, Deva Premal & Miten and Peia.
For a week, we bathed in a very heartwarming space of mantras, sound ceremonies, and the intensity that ET sound journeys could be. And yet, the fragrance of amrita was in the air, in the heart of all with some little challenges on the way, embraced by the magnificence of the monarch butterflies hutched during that week as a gift and a representation of a new beginning.

Over the period near 2 months of visiting and revising the country, some of the old connections popped out on the path, and new pathways of the heart were established. Do you know that joyful feeling of meeting an old friend in the middle of nowhere?
That’s exactly what has been happening in various places in the country. This pure joy of reunions fully bloomed in a beautiful village called Ecovilla, a place of a dream, a potential, and a reality that unfolds and is co-created by all those who are not only dreamers but also actively involved in making the dream possible.

“Oh wow, you are here, oh wow, and you are here?” I kept saying it on the arrival night, meeting, re-meeting old friends. “Yes, I’m here” I kept on hearing it externally, while inside my heart, I felt an echo of this simple yet powerful statement. My heart spoke it: I’m here.
In this village, a prototype for a new human community is formed by life’s flow. The great Machuka river is the foundation, the source and the inspiration for these lands. And the river of life flows, and the flow brings people. And people bring ideas, and ideas bring realities.
Over the years, I’ve heard about and seen places where people would try to live as a community. Some of such experiments would work for some time. Some would dissipate after a short while. Yet what I’ve seen and felt at Ecovilla carries a new vision and dreams of the world we are entering as a human race.
There will be many kinds of communities. There will be many kinds of cities, smart and not only. I would prefer a green environment, and certainly, many of us who still remember the analogue lifestyle would love to pass it on to the next generation and would be keen to live in such an environment where a new world meets roots and co-existence in the most natural way.

Being here for a short period wouldn’t bring a genuine perception of the complications that people that live close to each other may have. Life is life with all that is included in it.
And yet, I’ve seen, felt, and resonated deeply with the variety of talents, cultures, and true enthusiasm to be, to share, to co-inspire, and to co-create by just being next to each other, keeping privacy yet intimacy at hand.
I saw a healthy lifestyle, organic farming, preserving nature and, what fascinated me most, a school where kids have the ability to study in the most natural and liberating way I’ve ever seen.

Visiting a larger vision of this place called EcoVilla St.Mateo I truly felt that this could become a home for my family as well.
Some of you may know that most of my life I spent on the road while not having such a place called home. I’ve been all over, among countless cultures, environments, tastes, sounds, and smells. And I will carry the sound of my guitar wherever I’m called to.

At the same time, here I’ve seen and felt a dream that isn’t a dream only. A reality that is in creation right now.
It’s happening now in the world, not only in this place, where people want to live in a natural environment and have a healthy ambience, yet also have school systems that allow the development of a new vision and freedom for the next generation. Here I’ve seen that.
The change is happening way beyond Costa Rica. But here, in this small village, I’ve seen an example of what it could be like, physically, not just in my visions.

What we all truly want is to live our lives, prosper, have a safe environment to express ourselves, share our gifts, communicate with each other openly, love beyond any restrictions while respecting our uniqueness and differences, allowing new ideas to come through, building communities, bringing forth what is always meant to be, here, in this garden of life, called Earth – the divine union of all the billions of pieces that we all are.

Visiting EcoVilla St. Mateo, with its raw yet unbuilt structures that take shape at this very moment while there is still a chance to join, brought a massive smile to my face.
It’s happening! And it will be happening more and more so, not only in Costa Rica!

After a spontaneous sound experience in a community village, life brought even more connections and reconnections in Uvita, Dominical area.
A reunion took place with a dear brother-heart, Uria Tsur, an incredible Tico violinist, Leo Molina, and so many incredible humans that are living and creating new lives in the Pura Vida land.

2 sound ceremonies at Awake, Uvita, so different in their essence and yet serving as a compass to my lifepath, brought new insights and clarity: this land and this way of life have a future.

Those obstacles we see so often on the way serve as guideposts reflecting where life calls us. And so, can I hear it? Can I feel it? Am I mad to believe that another way of life is suitable and possible for us here? I’m certainly not the only one!

That’s what the bard said years ago, and countless were saying before him: there is another way possible. And it’s up to each of us what life on Earth will look like in the next chapter of humanity.
Without conspiracies, agendas, power play, and mind games. There is another way.
And so many of us can feel and see it. We all will “get it” eventually. And the earlier, the better.

Estas Tonne
March 2023

Photos by Ekaterina Rousskikh

A sharing from heart to heart, beyond what separates us, yet of what unites us all in love, trust and mystery.

And thanks to it all, heartfelt thanks to and for Being…

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