This post isn’t about how great it is to have 1 million followers on YouTube or Instagram.
That’s great, indeed, that this music, being my personal medicine, also reached so many people all over the world, without a major record label, a pop styled genre (or even any genre actually) or a “pleasing attitude”.
It’s been shared with you all over many years, organically, first by myself alone and later, by our small ETMusic family as well as by all of you. At the same time, it would be way more powerful, if these millions of people, would not place into categories who is against whom and will be willing to stop the participation in the “man made games” such as wars, pandemics, and ethnic battles.
Arabs agains Israelis, Israelis against Arabs, Russians agains Ukrainians, and vice versa, and people against people. May there be healing, reconciliation and a true peace and co-creation in the coming golden age. It’s coming, and it’s up to all of us, to stop participating in these repetitive games.

Blessings to every human heart, beyond our passports and nationalities.
Blessings to our souls, that are awakening to what we are and always have been.
Blessings to this Earth that has already seen it all countless times in the cycles of the repetitions.
May we remember what we are and what the original dream is about!

p.s. And it is SUN DAY when these words came up…blessings indeed!

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