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Please, be specific, clear, open-hearted and take into consideration the following:
Music is meant to be shared and has tremendous power to influence our lives as a human race. At the same time, not many are aware of the healing qualities of sound. Instead, people are still in love with entertainment and there is nothing wrong with it. However, if you have landed on this page and would love to invite Estas & Friends to your concert, festival, lecture, meditative experience, etc. please consider that it must have a deeper meaning than just an entertainment. We are going to review all the incoming invitations, yet only those that would be resonating with us would be replied to. On the booking form, please provide as many details as possible to make it easier for us to evaluate if we can join you.

Please check the upcoming events via our site or a Facebook Page.

There are at least few options that could answer such question:

A proper invitation must come with an intention to organize and host space for a concert/sound journey. It includes taking care of the logistics as for the musician/s as for the team members. If you are ready for that, please fill-up the booking form.

Another option is a spontaneous performance, which could be shared while traveling.
You should also check the tour dates, maybe your country already on the list.

When I’ll get there and feel it.

For years I have traveled alone and had no idea when and where I would come to this or that country. Though nothing stays the same, it’s changing all the time. When life says to us: “There is a new path opening”, an individual can either walk it or to hold on to that what has been expired. No matter where the journey of life takes me, I cherish the experiences and meetings that took place on many corners, plazas, city squares and parks around the world!

It is an honorable experience and it’s indeed a very special step of two individuals who wish to walk together. 7 billion of the universes on this planet, in their majority, have very different opinions and ideas what such ceremony is about, as well as a strong connotation and a relation to God figure, which in its majority distorted and misunderstood. That’s why I tend to stay away from “hired” situations. I could see the potentiality of creating a sound ceremony, which wouldn’t have any agenda but a representation of a true union of souls.


All of the physical CDs are available at the live events and you can also order here with shipment worldwide. As for vinyl’s, we feel that only “Mother of Souls” has the potential to come out as an LP. Please keep an eye on this site for updates or subscribe to a newsletter at the very bottom of this page by using Newsletter sign-up form.

All the available tracks could be downloaded via our site. It is also available via Bandcamp and iTunes stores.
Please note that recordings of the Live Performances will be available only via the official site.


Ethically speaking, it would be quite respectful to write to us and ask for permission to do so.

Throughout the years, we have seen that some DJs or music enthusiasts simply rip the music and then make their remixes, Copywrite such creations, and then sell their work via online portals under their name. This is neither fair nor respectful! We suggest and appreciate if you in such a case get in touch with us to see if a collaboration is possible or otherwise permission must be given.

Lots of filmmakers are requesting the usage of music for their projects without seeing it as a collaboration. In their view (most of the time) it should be free, in spite of a fact that they invest quite a lot of funds and energy into their projects. Also, most of their projects are oriented on self-promotion. We are quite selective, what projects we feel inspired to support with a soundtrack as it is about a fair share of the energetic synthesis of a co-creation. If you have a proposition for a collaboration, please reach out via the contact form.

Right now official Publisher of Estas Tonne Music is Tunecore.
Please note that not all of the musical work is published under Tunecore, so we suggest getting in touch directly with us via the contact form below.
Permission would be granted only to those projects that we are resonating with.


My current musical guitar friend was made by a wonderful guitar maker based in Germany, Armin Hanika.
It’s not a guitar brand that is important, but how each of us can connect with it, express through it and most importantly, feel ourselves… For years I’ve played a very old guitar, which I’ve got for $100, that’s all I’ve had at that moment. But what a feeling it was!

A genius, which I’ve met on my travels, once said: “I see you play this old instrument. Seems it’s time for you to try something new. I have a guitar that is rarely played. Come, try it, if you like it, just take it. A guitar should be played, not stored in the cabinet”. And he gifted me with an instrument that has changed my life. Infinite gratitude to Oleg Ponomarev, a great being and a genius musician.

Unfortunately, a guitar from Manuel Rodriguez Guitars, which could be seen in “The Song of the Golden Dragon” performance in Landshut, 2011 got damaged while traveling and eventually, will be repaired.
MR house of guitars generously has made an offer to make a new type of instrument that I will present to the world when the moment comes.
Sometimes I also play the guitar from Antonio Bernal (Seville, Spain).

D’Addario classical nylon strings, hard or normal tension.

It took years of experiments to feel the right sound that works for me.
Some may say: “there is too much reverb”, some say: ”too much this or that”, yet if a chosen sound works for you, stay with it. Feel it.
A combination of the elements what makes it unique.
I still try things out though currently, I play with TC-Electronics, Electro-Harmonics and Boss pedals.

When I studied the guitar as a kid I did read & write notes. Though after 11 years of a break, I have forgotten everything and never had an interest to write things down. Unless it would be an orchestrated piece, combining “free spaces” I still don’t have interest in capturing something that could never be the same. An individual is changing each day and so does music. We could truthfully play “the same song” every time only if we also express that true feeling we feel every time. In this case, it would never be “that same song” cause we aren’t the same but different in every moment.
There are some dear souls who did some arrangements of a few pieces online, you can easily find them on YouTube. What is important is to feel, to be inspired and find your own way to express your soul’s song, which is uniquely beautiful and yet sings those many songs of One Great Ocean we are all.

Your only purpose here is to be yourself…and life teaches it very well.

I don’t teach guitar in a standard way of “teaching the technique”. There are lots of great guitar teachers doing their work. And very often in life, it’s not the physical teaching what is educating us but what comes as an essence.

There would be a possibility quite soon to have a week-long guitar workshop, though it’s going to be a very different experience than to come to a guitar class.
Keep an eye on our site updates.

Both qualities are important: structure and improvisation. Study some chords, some songs; enjoy playing them and then “stretching them”. Destroy them and see what stays with you.
Play a chord, stay with it. Play another one. Stay with it. Connect them. Feel if there is a connection. Move next. Explore. Experiment.
Every teacher you’ll get will teach you what he or she knows. Yet a true teacher would be the one who creates space for your song to appear.

Music isn’t a career to me, it’s life. I have never seen a dream: “I want to be a guitar hero or a musician in general”, and I don’t associate myself with it today either. When I’ve started to play on the streets I just lived my life and keep doing so today.
And life includes it all: pain and healing, sorrow and joy… within the polarities there is a great guide that keeps it all together and it is in all of us…just feel…
I’m not a musician, I’m music. And so you are!


You can introduce yourself and your interview idea via the contact form below. Please specify, where such an interview will be published and who is the target audience. Please be creative with questions and topics, we will more likely answer unique and unusual questions. There are quite a few interviews already floating online and it is suggested to search and read beforehand to avoid repetition.

Yes, all is possible though it depends on your intentions and a project you have in your heart and mind. Please use the contact form below for clarifications.

Countless times I also feel inspired by various beings, including musicians, performers, writers, and filmmakers, yet it doesn’t always mean that our paths will cross or even need to be explored. Sometimes an inspiration itself could be sufficient to light up our hearts, other times, what is meant to be created and shared inevitably happens if we take a step. Please contact us via the form below.

It’s impossible to arrange a personal meeting with all those beings interested to meet. It might look like we want to know “another person”, while in fact, we just want to meet ourselves. It might be possible yet there is no guarantee that such a meeting will take place considered our busy schedule and changing locations.

I have “landed” in the land called Ukraine, though at that time it was named the Soviet Union.
And I have never lived in Ukraine yet since birth my main language has been Russian and it still is.

Life. People. Love. Pain. Transformation. Sun. Skies. Silence. The Ocean.
Feeling it all is already so huge. Live your life, explore, be inspired!

Who are you really in love with when you feel it?
It may look as someone is in love with an image they perceive.
We tend to be attracted to the one who stands in the spotlight.
And we feel good about it and think that it is love.
So now, if you read this line, try to feel…Who do you love really?

While we rejoice and appreciate the fact that you think of Estas on such special occasions, please take into the heart that it is practically impossible to fulfill all requests of these kinds, which are plenty. We invite you to maybe gift a ticket to an upcoming concert if it is possible or choose from a variety of musical gifts. You can send your own song to your loved one and write YOUR personal message, which would have a way deeper meaning because of the connection you have.

I live a nomadic life and it’s impossible to carry with me all the offerings. The best gift you can give to anyone is to open your heart and share such qualities with the world!

Children from “Escola da Villa” granja viana, outside Sao Paolo, Brazil have asked:

I love percussions, though I only play it when I feel.
Also, I love a flute, which I more and more resonate with.
And the voice which loves to express itself from time to time.

Yes, sure I do. Often I see them “sleeping” as huge mountains or hills. Also, I see them in people and most importantly I see them within myself. There are many kinds of Dragons just as there are so many kinds of stars in the skies. But some of us can see “the real dragons” and if such gift is with you, eventually you will know why you have it.

I do get confused sometimes. But mostly, when I speak, I don’t think what language I use, I even speak when I don’t know the language and each of us can do it also.

It feels as I have been, but I will have to go and check it out.