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A Flower of life that we wish to share with all of you!

RELEASED ON Dec 25th, 2020



Flower of Life Cover-1500x1500
Track preview

“Ruins is the road to transformation”

How this video came about

While visiting Turkey this location presented itself without much effort and after the first steps on dusty pathways towards the ruins of this city were made, it instantly gave the inspiration for a new creation. At that moment there was no clarity on what it could be transcended to but after a few more visits the idea crystalized and here we are presenting you with a new music video clip called “Flower of Life”. It. might sound like a strange name for the abandoned city but let us all remember that no matter how painful the history might be there is always a road towards something new, a transformation which is aligned with our own consciousness at this particular moment of time.


The soundtrack of the “Flower of Life” music video is excerpted from a Live performance of Estas Tonne in a duo with Michael Shrieve in St.Petersburg, Russia, which marked the culmination of “Integration” world tour 2019.

A duo performance of Estas Tonne with Michael Shrieve that for the first time took place in Seattle as part of the American “Breath of Sound” 2018 tour has labeled a new page in the touring life becoming a real symbol of the epochs meeting on the same stage.  It was absolutely obvious that this incredible experience demanded to be continued. And so, it reappeared in Russia marking the culmination of the “Integration” 2019 spring tour in the Old World. The soundtrack of the “Flower of Life” is excerpted from a 2-hour musical journey performed Live in a duet with Michael Shrieve in St. Petersburg as a true gift of life that we wish to share with all of you.


Pictures from the video filming location

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