Bohemian Skies – [CD]


Artist : Estas Tonne, La Familia Cosmica
CD Title : Bohemian Skies – (Remastered 2016)
Release Date : August 6, 2009
Catalog ref. : 004
Format : Physical CD
Availability : Worldwide
Price : 12€

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This album, primarily recorded in Ireland in 2009, has a few tracks recorded in other countries. While visiting Israel, a dear friend, an Iranian-Israeli singer-songwriter Hanna Jahanforooz, proposed to record a few pieces. One of them, “Nayae”, speaks of women suppression in Iran in current times. On this track, Yonatan Bar Rashi accompanies us on percussion in a very delicate manner.

“The Song of the Golden Dragon” version on this album appears slightly faster and would eventually develop into the one that got worldwide viral recognition in later years. The “Bohemian Skies” version contains stronger words based on a poem from a dear friend Harry Grammer (USA), reminding us all “to keep our eyes on the skies so that we may rise…”.

In winter 2009, while in India, a group of international artists created a musical “Colours of White”. The text, written by another dear friend, a poet from the United Kingdom, Peter Moore (“The Pendragon”), combined an original story and some previously created pieces.

Victoria Grebezs, a dear friend, a great singer-songwriter from the United Kingdom and a long-time co-creator for many shared projects, was a mastermind at the time of creating the “Colours of White” musical. In 2009, “Who am I?” along with “Make Space” (“Mother of Souls” album, 2016) laid the foundation for it.

This version of the poem ”Who am I?” (“Temple of the Solomon, the King”) was recorded by Storia (Victoria Grebezs) in India.
In 2011, a short film, “Elemental“, was created in the Indian Himalayas by us, along with an Israeli filmmaker, a dear friend, Nir Shraiber.
This original album’s artwork was created by a dear being, Natalia Natuka, who also made all the stage art installations for the musical in 2009.
The album, “Bohemian Skies”, is my first attempt to express individuality synchronically with a collective vision.


Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (Guitar)
Hanna Jahanforooz (Vocals & Lyrics, tracks 7&8)
Yonatan Bar Rashi (Percussions, track 8)
Peter Moore (Original poem “Who am I”, track 9)
Victoria Grebezs (Vocals, track 9)
Recorded in Ireland (2009): Shay Leon (tracks 1-6)
Recorded in Israel (2009): (tracks 7 & 8)
Recorded in India (2009): Storia (Victoria Grebezs) (track 9)
Remastered by: SoundPro Studios (2016)
Natalia Nature (Art cover)
Cover Redesign: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic


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