Live in ULM – Outer ◦ Inner – Double [CD]


Artist: Estas Tonne
Title : Live in Ulm (double CD) Outer – Inner
Release Date : May 01 2018
Category : Albums
Catalog ref. : 028
Format : Physical CD
Availability : Worldwide
Price : 18€


Human life could be quite a stressful experience and it takes many miles to walk before we start to review what is and isn’t working for an individual.
Our inner battles lead us to question the reality, ourselves and our attitudes towards life. We can place the responsibility to what is wrong on others, yet in truth, it’s only up to each of us how every wave would be taken, how every challenge would be experienced, how every battle would be transcended.
There is no written scenario on how to be: each and every one of us explores what is essential and what is meaningful, yet when we can see ourselves, our habits, patterns, behaviors, programs, a true participation in a movie called life begins.
With thanks for and to Being, we keep on walking…

Released May 1, 2018
Reviving Water Tour 2017 (solo)  Live in Ulm, Germany @ ev.Pauluskirche
Part I (outer)
Part II (Inner)
Recorded Live
Mixed and Mastering: SoundProStudios
Album cover: Geri Dagys



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