Message from the Stars

Recorded Live, Dublin, Ireland 2022

Artist: Estas Tonne
Title : Message from the Stars
Release Date : Jan. 27, 2023
Category : Single
Catalog ref. : 070
Format : MP3 (320 kbps) + WAV
Availability : Digital download
Price : Donation based

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“Message from the Stars” spontaneously manifested during the soundcheck in Dublin while completing the “Envision” tour in 2022. Due to its vast reverberation, it felt like an invisible mail carrier had just delivered a letter, a memo to open at the right time. A vocalised message repeatedly appearing during each performance throughout 2022 resonates with this sound recording. It stated, “Can we, humans, remember the Original Dream for this Earth and our participation in it?” 


Music: Life (via ©Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (Guitar)
Sound: Mix, Mastering: Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
Graphics & Animation: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic
2022 One Heart Sound


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