Place of the Gods – [CD]


Artist : Estas Tonne
CD Title : Place of the Gods – (Remastered)
Release Date : December 14, 2019
Category : Album
Catalog ref. : 006
Format : Physical CD
Availability : Worldwide
Price : 12€

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“Place of the Gods” CD

Place of the Gods…how to find one? Where is that place of infinite joy and clarity and softness of being? Inside there is a quite mountain… its so not easy to reach that place.. it is as mountains.. we keep on climbing it with all the lessons received on the way! And once reached we see clearly that we are one with the whole existence. we can fly…we are Gods and Goddesses that always have been around…
we know it all…
try to remember it…
the key is inside…
inside our hearts, the never quitting voice takes us to that place…
the place of the gods…
if we only wish so…

Music has healing powers and nobody knows where is it comes from and where is it goes. We only can feel it, we can dream with it, we can be child alike when we hear a song that inspires us.
I wish that this music from the stars will inspire you to be whatever you wish to be.

I wish we all will create a Dreamland on this beautiful Planet, Pacha Mama.

With love and love always,
Estas Tonne


Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (Guitar)
Les Payne (Electric guitar, keys) track 15
With great thanks to Marco Cataño for manifesting this beautiful painting;
To Catherine Landry for wonderful design;
“Uno” for always being a healing home;
To Sashenka Bliss for all the smiles, all family and friends who constantly support my walk of life and most of all to Les Payne for capturing all these audio in his wonderful room of wizardry!
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered: Les Payne (London, UK, 2010)
ReMastered by: Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
Original Painting: Marco Cataño (Mexico)
Photo: Sasha Bliss
Cover Redesign: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic


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