Roots – The Return to the Inner Temple

Artist : Estas Tonne ‖ Zola Dubnikova
Title : Roots. The Return to the Inner Temple
Release Date : Aug 06, 2017
Category : Single
Catalog ref. : 023
Format : MP3 (320 kbps) + WAV
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Dear ones across time and worlds!
It is time to return to the Temple!
Not the temple of gods, prophets, deities and laws,
But the Temple of all humanity,
The Temple of the Heart!”
(Zola Dubnikova)


The music video “ROOTS” arose from the timeless soul connection, shared vision and collaborative work between Estas Tonne & Zola Dubnikova. As an incredibly devoted holistic dance artist and teacher, Zola transmits arcane knowledge to women across the world, guiding them back to their sacred nature.

Since its recording in 2012, the soundtrack “Roots” was not released to the public, yet Zola used it widely in her numerous offerings throughout the world.  In 2015, while working on the completion of the “Mother of Souls” album (a musical project created as the result of Estas’ collaboration with musicians from different corners of the globe), there was a strong calling to film Zola’s ”holistic dance language” experience. Thus, due to the diligent efforts of visual artist Giedrius Dagys who is endowed with the unique ability to catch the beauty of the moment through his camera, a short video about this marvelous ritual dance was captured and or lovingly edited, followed by fine-tuning of the original track by extremely talented sound engineer, Leon Galperin.

“May we remember that Roots grow when we listen to the call guiding us from inside,
the call that leads us to our soul family and guides us to the path of truth, giving us a “home” wherever we may be.” – Z.D.

With a heart full of love and profound gratitude to all sister-hearts who trusted to be filmed during the deep meditative practices and all those participating,


Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (Guitar)
Zola Dubnikova (Text, Spoken Words, Dance & Choreography)
Guitar Recorded by Kie Ben Dov (2012)
In Production: 2012-2017
Sound: Recording, Mix, Mastering: Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
Visuals: Design, Film, Editing: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic


All filming and musical work are done solely at our own expense.
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