13 Songs of Truth

Artist : Estas Tonne
Title : 13 Songs of Truth (Remastered 2021)
Release Date : April 2, 2021
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Catalog ref. : 003
Format : Digital Download




This Album is another step…
My personal Truth I have found…
Music…The way of the gypsy… Number 13…
The Truth of the Unknown…
ET (2007)

In early 2006, while crossing the border from the US to Mexico, all I’ve had with me were a guitar, an operatable battery amplifier, some books, clothes, a car and some songs. Some pieces did develop by then, while others didn’t. For example, “The Song of the Golden Dragon”, “David’s Entry”, and “The Cosmic fairytale” played as intros to other songs and at that time have had a slow pace. On this album, “The Song of the Golden Dragon” appeared as a waltz and eventually transformed into a more dynamic version. David’s Entry at that time was just an intro to “David’s Song”, and over the years, it got its current name as an individual piece. While recording, another smaller introduction appeared, which got a title: “Nostalgic”. Eventually, this piece became what is now known as a “Cosmic Fairytale”.

During the travels, I was immensely observing the phenomenon of Mayan Mythology and its calendar system. The 13 subtitles appearing on the album are the steps of creation based on the Dreamspell calendar by Mayanist philosopher and author Jose Arguelles.

After driving for six months across majestic lands of Mexico and performing all over, I had a calling to visit Israel, and it is where by mid-2007, we recorded this demo album. Some of the tracks had a beautiful musician, Shani Ben Canar, on Cajon appearing as a guest.

This album intended to be a demo CD, and due to a busy traveling life, became one of the albums “in a guitar case” for years to come.
In 2020 we decided to enhance its sound and re-share with the world as it has its righteous place in the library of sound.

Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (guitar)
Shani Ben-Canar (cajon)
Recorded and Mixed (2007)
Shahar Kaufman (Onyx Studios)
Miki Talmor (Mastering, 2007)
Michael Page (cover photo, design, 2007)
Geri Dagys (cover update, 2021)
Val Reznik (Dreamspell calendar introduction)
ReEdited, ReMixed & ReMastered (2020)
Leon Galperin (SoundPro Studios)

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