Black & White World (Remastered)

Artist : Estas Tonne, Michael Shulman
Title : Black & White World (Remastered)
Release Date : December 15, 2020
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Catalog ref. : 48
Format : Digital Download



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“By its 18th birthday, we have decided to remaster, re-edit and re-enhance this beautiful experimental album. “Black and White World” was the first album I recorded together with Michael Shulman in New York City, 2002.
At that time, we used to play on the streets all day long, surviving, yet enjoying this incredible meeting that initiated a long journey ahead.
In 2020 while revisiting the old archives and listening to this “teenager”, it became obvious, his time to go into the world has come.
With deep thanks remembering New York, it’s friendships, loneliness, hardship, greatness and a fascinating life journey that brought us all Here.”

Estas Tonne (guitar)
Michael Shulman (violin)
Recorded and Mixed PASHA (Pasha Yashchuk) New York (2002)
ReEdited, ReMixed & ReMastered: 2020 Leon Galperin (SoundPro Studios)
Photo: Chris Scallon (Rex)
Design: Geri Dagys

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