Bohemian Skies

Artist : Estas Tonne, La Familia Cosmica
Title : Bohemian Skies
Release Date : August 6, 2009
Category :
Catalog ref. : 004
Format : CD



This album was recorded in 3 different countries and combines those energies of Israel, India and Ireland in ONE.

I would love to thank my dear Cosmic Family:
Hanna Jahanforooz ((lyrics and vocals on tracks 7 & 8)
Yonatan Bar Rashi (master percussion on track 8)
Peter Pen Dragon ”the Poet” and Vicky Grebezs (vocals on track 9)
Harry Grammer for inspiration (track 3)

As well Shay Studios in Galway, Ireland for capturing tracks 1-6
again Vicky Grebezs for putting together “Who Am I” in Goa, India.

Very special thanks to the Artists:
Natalia Natuka – Mystical Dragon on the album cover.

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