Music: Life (via ©Estas Tonne)
Guitar: Estas Tonne
Drums and Percussion: Bernd Bechtloff
Fretless Bass: Reinhard Ziegerhofer
Groove Bass: Alvis Reid
Voice: Tatjana Branoff
Choir: Tatjana Branoff and Bernd Bechtloff
Composition by Estas Tonne, Bernd Bechtloff and Tatjana Branoff
This remixed and remastered version of “Cloud Dance“ taken from the album “Medicine Dance“ available only on
Recording: Bernd Bechtloff
Mix: Bernd Bechtloff
Sound: Mix, Mastering: Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
Cover Art by Lucy Pierce, Australia.
Cover design by Patrick Connor Klopf, Austria.
Promotion text translation: Marie-Theres Gruber
Bernd Bechtloff plays Schlagwerk Percussion
Produced by Bernd Bechtloff and ETmusic
ⓟ One Heart Sound


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Cloud Dance (remastered)

Artists : Bernd Bechtloff, Estas Tonne, Tatjana Branoff
Catalog ref. : 76
Format : Digital Download

“Cloud Dance” is an expression for various states of being that are deliberately left undefined. It can refer to dancing IN or ON the clouds, where our minds are free to explore a vast space of possibilities as our thoughts float freely across the lands. It can also be understood as the dance OF the clouds above us, reminding us of their ever-changing shapes and forms, a constant manifestation of infinite, floating creativity. This initial musical collaboration between Bernd Bechtloff and Estas Tonne captures such infinite, floating creativity in a recording. It also inspired Tatjana Branoff to contribute her starlight voice, resulting in a handmade 17-minute piece of music that invites us to dance and liberate our minds.