Artist : Aniel Tamayo Mestre, Arthur Krasnobaev, Edenys Sanchez Olivera, Ernesto “Palma” Reyes, Estas Tonne, Jose Antonio Santos Isers “El Mariachi”, Joseph Pepe Danza, Miriamne Martínez Ramos, Rolando Salgado Palacio ''El Nino Mentira''
Title : Cuban Heart
Release Date : December 20, 2019
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Catalog ref. : 34
Format : Digital Download



Dedicated to Cuban people and all those who ever lived on this beautiful island, as well as those who remember that life includes it all: if we fall, we can stand up again and again… 

Be a witness of a music story that started with a childhood dream!

The work on the “Cuban Heart” audio-visual journey began in February 2017, when Estas landed in Сuba, while being led by his childhood dream. The film scenario was composed by the Life itself that generously gifted so many unexpected meetings in both Havana and other corners of this beautiful country, where Estas went just following his inner call.
This story was captured as it unfolds by Geri Dagys and later given its final sound by Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
We kindly invite you to join this visual sound-journey to the “Cuban Heart”, to this true celebration of Life that includes everything in It: all shades of colors, flavors, feelings…

“May there be peace in every human heart”


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This Moment was captured in the magnificent city of Budapest.
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios
Filmed and Edited by Geri Dagys


© ETMusic OÜ | populated by Geri Dagys

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