The Inside Movie

Artist : Estas Tonne
Title : The Inside Movie
Release Date : July 31, 2012
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Catalog ref. : 007
Format : Digital Download



I always wanted to make films…
though it seems “the how” I will be making them never had a clear vision…
After journeying around our wonderful planet the realization came, that I am making a film already…my life is a movie… Just as your life is a film you are co-creating… Sometimes our stories are merging…sometimes aren’t… But within it… I am an actor, a writer, a co-producer and a musician. Though, what best about it all is an ability to see it from inside out. We are so busy to act in our films that we forget to ask ourselves:
“Who is the one that is watching it all?”

I invite you for experience… It is almost a 2-hour adventure….inside movie…
this is only a soundtrack….and whatever you might see on this blank screen….is yours…

Great thanks to Erwin Seidemann from Blumenpark for his kindness and co-creation, Fiona Unterasinger for organizing the 2012 Austrian tour and a wonderful co-creation.
As well as YOU for taking a moment to listen…

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This 2-hour session was recorded LIVE as a 1 track in Blumenpark, Innsbruck, Austria on July 27th, 2012


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