Internal Flight (poetic version)

Artist : Estas Tonne, Peter Moore
Title : Internal Flight (poetic version)
Release Date : June 8, 2020
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Catalog ref. : 42
Format : Digital Download

This version of Internal Flight with Peter Moore (poetic version) was recorded in 2013 while working on the Mother of Souls CD and the soundtrack of the Internal Flight, the movie.

Our beautiful and timeless collaborations with Peter started from the “Colors of White” musical, which happened to be a one-time performance in Goa, India, in early 2009 along with Victoria Grebezs and many other wonderful artists.
A few of Peter’s truly timeless poems such as Make Space (“State of Grace”)
and “Who am I?!” (“The Temple of Solomon The King”) have been recorded both independently (Elemental, the movie) and as part of the Mother of Souls album.

Internal Flight, the movie
Russian version

This version of Internal Flight (poetic version) has never been published until this moment.

Music: Estas Tonne (“Internal Flight”, formatted for the poetic version)
Words: Estas Tonne & Peter Moore
Visuals: Geri Dagys
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios

All filming and musical work are done solely on our own expenses.
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Part I:

A voice speaks from the stillness
It whispers
It sings
It even cries out
Sometimes it’s soft
At others, very rough

Like a wave,
Breaking on the ocean shore
Fragments of myself lie,
Drying on the rocks

Pieces of me
Pieces of you
Pieces of “we”
Many facets of the same diamond
United in One Breath

The beat of my heart
Echoes yours
A rhythm that resonates in every living thing

What if this voice that speaks in me is a Key?
Inside, though trembling,
I take flight

Part II:

What if I tell myself: “I know nothing”?
Start from scratch
The empty page
There is so much to let go of
So much to embrace!

Part III:

I stand upon the edge of an abyss
My mind cries out in fear:
“Don’t jump! You’ll die!”

A million thoughts are whirling within
Dead leaves, swept before a storm
What will happen if I dive deep inside
Face these “demons”
That seem to hold my soul in chains?


Who is the true me?
Behind these masks of make-belief?

What if I just pause
Unmoved by all the madness

Letting everything Be
As it is
Relaxing, I slip into the abyss
Drop deep into the ocean of Internal Space

Who am I?
Please answer!

Part IV:

I’m falling again…
Doubts taking over
Questions, multiplying endlessly
Despair engulfs me

Where am I?
What am I doing?
Why do I feel so anxious?

Why was I born in this body?
And you in that?

Why do we seem so different?
When each of us breathes the same breath?

I need to find the Answer!

Am I merely the contents of my mind?
Are we all just different notes in the same song?

Are all my precious beliefs
Just passing clouds?
Can I become a bird and fly?
What will happen when I die?

Is my story really true?
And if so
Who is writing it?

Are all these questions just a jail for the naked innocence of pure perception?
Am I already free?

Giving thanks
Relaxing into Trust
I let go of this need to know
I’m tired of constantly fighting

It’s such a simple choice to make


Part V:

Where do we meet?
You and I?

I’m not talking about your name
Your sex
Your age
How you look
Or the job you do

Emphasizing difference,
We miss the essence of who we really are

The same pulse that throbs within your veins and mine
Unites the sky and earth

The sun
The moon
The stars

I see you
Seated in the palm of my hand

And every time
I find the you in me
I leave the fear of falling far behind

Part VI:

What is there to describe?
When all the words can ever really say is:
“I love you”

Inside, I smile
Breathing into joy

Part VII:

Each dawn I’m born
Each night I die
I’m man
I’m a stone dissolving in the ocean

I’m a wave that collapsing into the sea says:
“At last! I see myself!”

The sun is setting
A gentle breeze caresses my skin
Silence envelops sense
Carries me within

I’m One
I’m None
I’m All

And every end is just a new beginning…

© ETMusic OÜ | populated by Geri Dagys

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