When a human being is given the possibility to look into the mirror of life…
Sooner or later, such a possibility is given.
And it’s good if this possibility is given, when a human being still has the body, is still on the Earth.
And so, a human being is looking into the mirror of life:
Either boy or girl, of any age… if they look,
What will they see in this mirror?
They will see that every character, every “Big/Little” teacher in their story of life
Played a certain role, was meaningful.
This all made sense and still matters.
And it may seem to somebody that “it’s a difficult situation”
Or “why do they treat me like this?”
“Why does life turn out that way?”
But, when one is looking into the mirror of his/her soul,
It becomes evident that all this was meaningful too.
It turns out that all those “bad people” just played their roles,
Maybe, knowingly or unknowingly…
And the same way in their lives there were so many different people…
So, what do we have to do, when we see ourselves?
If to take away even one little fragment, we will no longer be the same people we are now.
A small path, if chosen differently, will lead to another place.
Perhaps, it will be the same place, but will that person be the same one, thinking that
He would like to change something?
What we have to do, when we understand
That there is really nothing to change?
Just to accept everything, to embrace it all.
To see the sky and the earth inside us,
And the heart that can overcome everything.
This is Life that includes it all, all facets …
If connected by all these facets,
One can, probably, gain true freedom.
Maybe, it‘s just a question that, perhaps, we should all ask ourselves.

When we go through the forest and suddenly meet an unknown creature,
We naturally will be very cautious,
Because we do not know yet how to behave, when we meet such a creature.
And here it comes out how exactly each of our lives:
Either we are completely closed and do not want to face with something new,
Or we are open to this, trusting everything that comes.
But how to become open, trusting whatever comes?
We need to activate our inner mechanisms that each of us has.
Because, otherwise, we would never go out of the house we live, would not do anything.
We trust the Life every day, and so, trusting It again and again, again and again,
We can touch the Truth about what exactly Life is.
When we touch this Truth,
We cannot be deceived anymore.
“Nobody” can sell anything to us, we will know the Truth.
Giving thanks to Heart that is open,
Giving thanks to Heart that can feel,
Giving thanks to everything and everybody on everyone’s path,
Because everyone, everything, all participants on this path have their own purpose, intention, place, and meaning.
To all teachers, to all parents, to all those who have their physical body and those who do not have it anymore.
Life includes it ALL.
Thanks for Being!


Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Estas Tonne (Guitar)
Sound: Recording, Mix, Mastering: Leon Galperin SoundPro Studios
Visuals: Design, Film, Editing: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic


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Mirror of Life | Зеркало Жизни

Release Date : May 6, 2020
Artist : Estas Tonne
Catalog ref. : 40
Format : Digital Download

Coming back to the places we were born or those associated with some bright significant periods/moments is always such deep emotional experience and possibility to look into the mirror of life one more time…
Giving thanks to every meeting, everybody, Everything and everything on this endless path called human life.