Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Sounds of Nature: Mediterranean Sea, Dead Sea, Storm and Wind
Estas Tonne (Guitar, Idea, voice)
Liat Zion (Text, Voice)
Joseph Pepe Danza (Percussions, Flutes, Voice, Ceremonial Instruments)
Zola Dubnikova (Narration & Text)
Shacham Zacharin (Electric Guitar & Voice)
Dimitri Artemenko (Violin)
Artur Krasnobaev (Trumpet)
Peter Moore (Poetry, Voice, Harmonica)
Alexander Ostapenko
Ilya Bobrovsky(Percussions & Voice)
Neptune Chapotin(Juice Harp)
Yonatan Bar Rashi (Percussions)
Michael Shulman (Violin)
Elyasaf Bashari (Electric Bass)
Liron Meyuhas (Percussions)
Roy Brosh (Drum Set)
Réka Fodor (Voices, Tap Dance)
Martin Etcheverry (Guitars – “Train to Avalon” Track)
Ezequel Etcheverry (Guitars – “Train to Avalon” Track)
Joe Sha Shaty (Soprano Saxophone – “Winds That Bring You Home” Track)
Vishni Devi (Poetry – Russian text: ”Train to Avalon” Track)
Andris Grunte (Contrabass)
Dana Indane (Voice – “Place of the Gods” Track)
Recorded at Sound Division Studio, Riga Latvia (2013)
Ivars Ozols (Sound Engineer) Ainars Majors (Production Assistant)
Additional Recordings:
Attila Szakál (Transilvania), Dimitri Artemenko (France), Seis Cuerdas (USA), Joe Sha Shaty (USA), Michael Shulman (Germany)
Final mix & mastering, production & postproduction assistance in Israel (2014-2016) Leon Galperin (SoundPro Studios)
Visuals: Design, Animation, Editing: Geri Dagys Photography
Produced by: ETmusic
©“Mother of Souls”, Estas Tonne & ONE Heart Family – 2016


All filming and musical work are done solely at our own expense.
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Mother of Souls

Release Date : August 11, 2016
Artists : Estas Tonne, ONE Heart Family
Catalog ref. : 010
Format : Digital Download

Mother of Souls is a soundtrack of life recorded live as a sound journey and expanded into countless mirrors of emotions and rebirths. An international co-creative music project with more than 20 artists from Ukraine, Russia, Israel, Uruguay, France, USA, India, Latvia, Romania, England, Argentina and Lithuania, the album started as an impulse to let the music become a collective creation of sound. Bridging various cultures and backgrounds, it presents a mixture of sounds, vocals, poetry and vibrations united in one breath. Although it took more than three years to bring the necessary elements together, the album boasts all the original foundations, which arose from nine days of recording sessions, crafting those many layers upon the palette of sound. Each sound within this journey is a live recording including all electronic sounds and the sounds of nature. Only one little exception is a 10-second gong loop, which was also given a place on the album.
Estas Tonne’s reflections on the album:
Now it seems that this album has created itself to wake up those senses that are asleep, those hidden jewels of timelessness – so vividly present – within each of us.
Mother of Souls…
What kind of greatness would carry such a name?
We didn’t choose this name, it appeared as an essence guiding us with each step into what you are about to witness.
While recording a live session in a studio, this name as every word of a song with the same title just “materialized”. Neither it was constructed as a song with a particular structure, nor it was planned or prepared. It just emerged as a gift from the vastness of space, where all ideas reside.