Roots – (Instrumental)

Artist : Estas Tonne
Title : Roots - (Instrumental)
Release Date : August 6, 2017
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Catalog ref. : 026
Format : Digital Download



One day, a moment comes.. when we are open to trust our inner call, it guides us, leading us to the soul family and giving us “Home”….
wherever we may be…
May we allow her majesty, Music, to bring us closer to this holy moment we call “Here and Now”…anytime…
With a heart that feels thankful just for being,

The poetic version of it please find here

Released August 6, 2017
Guitar Recorded by Kie Ben Dov (2012)
Final Mixed & Mastered by SoundProStudios (Israel)
inProduction: 2012-2017
Artwork by Giedrius Dagys

All filming and musical work is done solely on our own expenses.
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