Space Creation (Live in Zurich, 2016)

Artist : Estas Tonne, Yonatan Bar Rashi
Title : Space Creation (Live in Zurich, 2016)
Release Date : May 21, 2021
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Catalog ref. : 56
Format : Digital Download




Space Creation (Live in Zurich 2016) is a sound journey from the 2016 “Bridging the Worlds” tour concert in Zurich with maestro Yonatan Bar Rashi on percussions. Recorded live, the album is an invitation to create space for deeper listening and true seeing with music being one of the most powerful tools for an inner shift.

A spontaneous, creative encounter with the sound in every moment of this journey allows us to go beyond our habitual thinking and perceiving. We are invited to let go and open towards new, fresh views on our life in a relationship with ourselves and others. The human heart is the place, where we all connect beyond the superficial differences. The album is a call to arrive to a space, from which we will become co-creators of harmony that bridges the worlds.

The album features variations of the soundtracks that come out differently in every performance, as well as new compositions that arose for the first time during the concert.

Big thanks to Yonatan Bar Rashi​ for sharing this great encounter!

Music: Life (via Estas Tonne)
Guitar: Estas Tonne
Yonatan Bar Rashi (bongos)
Sound: Recording, Mix, Mastering: Leon Galperin (SoundPro Studios)
Visuals: Design, Film, Editing: Geri Dagys (Dagys Photography)
Produced: ETmusic

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