Considering the global events, with constantly changing restrictions to move between countries freely, we had to shift our concert tour “Vision” to Autumn 2021.
For all of the purchased tickets please contact the agencies you’ve bought them from.
PLEASE NOTE: its not a cancellation but a SHIFT of a tour to another time!
If you are subscribed to our newsletter we will keep you informed with new tour related information as soon as we have an update. Also, we’re keeping our 2020 tour presentational text below as a reminder to all of us that even in the most difficult times its essential to hold on to a Vision of a life we wish to create on this beautiful Earth. See you, when the moment comes and until then and always sending blessings in a form of Sound. 
Estas & family

Estas Tonne’ international autumn tour-2020 is dedicated to an amazing phenomenon – a special state of revelation that comes each time, when perception interacts with creativity, pushing the boundaries of our inner, spiritual landscape.
Being the most “immaterial” and intangible Art, Music has a powerful awakening impact on our inner “optics”, or VISION.
In this regard, every sound-journey by Estas Tonne is an incredible opportunity to see ourselves, as well as the entire Creation in a new, wider perspective.

*** N.B. The parameters known as 20/20 that are used in some parts of English-speaking world to refer to the normal visual acuity create a symbolic synchronization with both the current year and the name of the tour

Time left till upcoming performance

07 Oct 2021 Moscow, RU Vegas City Hall – [SOLO] Vegas City Hall – [SOLO] Buy ticket
10 Oct 2021 Helsinki, FI Kulttuuritalo - [SOLO] Kulttuuritalo - [SOLO] Buy ticket
16 Oct 2021 Vilnius, LT Šv. Jonų bažnyčia - [SOLO] Šv. Jonų bažnyčia - [SOLO] Buy ticket
21 Oct 2021 Budapest, HU MomKult - [SOLO] MomKult - [SOLO] Buy ticket
25 Oct 2021 Zürich, CH Samsung Hall - [ESTAS TONNE & MICHAEL SHRIEVE] Samsung Hall - [ESTAS TONNE & MICHAEL SHRIEVE] Buy ticket
27 Oct 2021 Geneva, CH Alhambra - [ESTAS TONNE & MICHAEL SHRIEVE] Alhambra - [ESTAS TONNE & MICHAEL SHRIEVE] Buy ticket

Life is breathing as Music through each of us. While trusting our Breath, we trust Life to sing that very song, which is the reason why all of us exist. E.T

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