In 2015 the only official Estas Tonne performance happened in Dresden. The Beautiful Kreuzkirche hosted more than 2000 people who had an opportunity to witness and be part of one more unforgettable moment of ET guitar sound. The video is short glimpse in to 3.5 hours of musical journey.
Thank you goes for Jazztage Dresden organizers
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios
For a helping hand filming this event thank you:
Indre Kuliesiute MIchail Sergeev & Gintautas Berzinskas
Edited by Geri Dagys

2 thoughts on “Rebirth of a thought : Between Fire & Water

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  1. Aleah Worley ( facebook name, is under leah worley ) 5 years ago

    He’s a God!! His music, touches my soul in a way music hasn’t ever been able to. It has yet, his is so different! It touches you in so many places emotionally, sensually, feeling like your being uplifted and nothing can touch you. You feel emraced in a Power never felt before! I’d do just about anything to see and meet Estas Tonne although I’m from the US Missouri to be specific, I doubt financially I’d ever be able to see and meet him! It’d be the biggest blessing!

  2. Helmuth.Lageschaar 5 years ago

    Ist diese Aufnahme zu bekommen auf CD oder DVD?