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Mother of Souls (Experience)
A Soundtrack of Life which has been originally recorded LIVE as a SOUND JOURNEY.
Most of the instruments were tuned to 444Hz.
With 24 artists from all over the world adding their flavors of Sound, Word and Voices to this Exquisite Experience.
Production time: 3 years.
Recorded by Ivars.Ozols (Latvia)
Recorded, Edited mixed and mastered by Leon Galperin (Israel)
Photo: Inessa Anyone
Album Art: Geri Dagys

With Liat Zion, Estas Tonne, Joseph Pepe Danza, Peter Moore, Dimitri Artemenko, Neptune Chapotin, Zola Dubnikova, Shacham Zacharin, Artur Krasnobaev, Elyasaf Bashari, Andris Grunte, Alexander Ostapenko, Ilya Bobrovsky, Roy Brosh, Réka Fodor, Dana Indane, Liron Meyuhas, Yonatan Bar Rashi, Michael Shulman, Vishni Devi, Martin Etcheverry, Ezequel Etcheverry, Joe Sha Shaty, Leon Galperin.
(C) All this music intended for a personal experience and sharing!
if you wish to incorporate it for a commercial use please send us an email describing what is it intended for!
Please note: Reposting this audio/video on your channel for the sake of promotion or self-interest would be claimed to the youtube community and taken down. We do encourage everyone to share it while keeping an integrity to this creation.

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