The Song of the Golden Dragon

7 thoughts on “The Song of the Golden Dragon

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  1. Robert C Ray Jr 1 year ago

    One of my favorite arrangements of all time. So much emotion.

  2. Ghorbal 2 years ago

    Merci encore et toujours pour cette belle musique qui va droit au cœur, je l’écoute partout où je vais, au bureau, dans la rue et bien-sûr à la maison, merci l’Artiste.
    —- Google Translate —–
    Thank you again and again for this beautiful music that goes straight to the heart, I listen wherever I go, at the office, in the street and of course at home, thank you Artist.

  3. Hanna Haraldsdatter 5 years ago

    You just pumped life back to my heart , with these tones! Most beautiful I have heard in long time.. Couldn’t stop crying .. Thank you ! ♥️ and a Goood Hug 🙂

  4. www_cracker 5 years ago

    Я восхищаюсь, а некоторые люди плачут..

  5. www_cracker 5 years ago

    Я 32 года жил на свете, тоже играл, но посмотрев видео, я даже не представлял себе, что такое гитара.
    Талант от Бога. Тонни молодец. Бог.
    С ув. www cracker , Noord Holland , Amsterdam 2016 (c)

  6. Pete Keating 5 years ago

    Estas Tonne is the the Guitar. The Guitar is Estas Tonne. They are one and they are part of what is beautiful about this world we pass through.