One night in Budapest on the Hill of former Kings observing our last drop of energy drain. This music video is improvisation of two talented souls Fodor Reka and Estas Tonne without any rehearsal beforehand.
For this video to happen big thank you goes to:
Our new lovely friend Reka for taking us under her wing and showing us Budapest
Estas for keep it going even after few days of intense performances @ Festival of Everness.
Indre for helping cope with all equipment.
Mother nature for giving us best weather possible.
And all good people which surrounded us.
Special thanks to Leon SoundPro for audio track.
Filmed & Edited by: Geri Dagys

3 thoughts on “Timeless Burn Out

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  1. John 5 years ago

    It is extremely Good Job, Congratulations!.

  2. lola 5 years ago

    Absolutamente maravilloso!

  3. Iida Ojanperä 5 years ago

    Last week a friend of mine sent me a link to “The Song of The Golden Dragon”. A perfect timing.
    It was really something I needed to hear – my inner dragon flew with the song. I was curious to hear more – –
    I’m fascinated & touched by Cosmic Fairytale, the way you are & tell the baby story between your joyful playing.
    I want to share a little story that happened to me today here in Paris.
    I was wandering in the streets and suddenly sang aloud (usually I don’t sing): ”I go all the way…” Just when I had finished ”the way”, a man came out of a shop before me and sang by himself: ”…and forever you will be.” It was funny moment, continuum…never ending song of life. I wish to hear your live show somewhere someday, it’d be pleasure. Walk in beauty & may the moon shine for you tonight.

    Heart – eartH,