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This video is from Sound & Silence festival in Corfu one of the greenest islands of Greece archipelago. Very special festival which lasted for 6 days and gathered people from all around the globe. After Sound & Silence there was a retreat to let the energy come down. One of those nights the moment has come which no matter how many times one relives it the shivers crawls through the body again and again. It is an evening performance of Estas & Friends joined by the biggest surprise Netanel Goldberg.

Special thank you goes to:
Sound & Silence festival
The magicians without whom this co-creation would not be possible
Estas TonneJoseph Pepe DanzaNetanel GoldbergMitsch Kohn

Audio guys:
Sound recording by Bognár Zsolt
Sound mastering Leon Galperin @ SoundPro Studios

People behind the cameras:
Josh Allen – Josh Allen Images
Rene Horsthuis – Inspiratie Filmpjes
Indrė Kuliešiūtė

Fairies & angels who helped to coordinate this event
Sound & Silence Team

Mastermind behind it all
Sarvaan Ziva

Cicadas which implicitly contributed to the atmosphere
Ever so beautiful Peacocks
Audience which was the supporting force of the space
Corfu Island & All Friends surrounding us.

Edited by Geri Dagys Photography


2 thoughts on “When Words Are Wind

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  1. Julia 3 years ago

    from the universe. this music kisses the soul. Thank you so much!

  2. Mark Marris 4 years ago

    Yeshua. Brother. Its Mark Marris. Excellant song. Its been to long. 2000 years or so. I am in you. You are in me. One. We walk the unity grid with our other brothers now permanently. Don Alehandro. Drunvalo Melchizedeck & brother Istvan. We are one! Love you.