A glimpse of “THE BREATH OF SOUND” world tour 2018
This time, we’ve shared two experiences in Belgium: one in Antwerp and another in Brussels. And in spite of the similarity of both journeys, they came out each time differently due to the fact that there are no rehearsals done beforehand. Never. And yet, loving trust is a foundation of each so-called concert and it doesn’t matter with whom these journeys are shared. These are the basic foundations for every journey as such: love, trust, mastery, sensitivity, acceptance, support. Incredible work is shared worldwide by these magnificent beings.
More about the artist who co-created this moment  Yumma Mudra and Michel Raji Chorésophe

Captured Live in the Theater Molière, Bruxelles 18.10.2018
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios
Edited by Geri Dagys

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