One thought on “Bridging The World – Autumn Tour 2016 – MOSCOW

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  1. R Write 3 years ago

    The Playing Mystic

    In a swirl of incense and sound
    It begins
    Softly we move toward the music
    As smoke moves so do we
    Pouring over waves of electric language
    Sweeping across the face, the hair, the veins
    And in we slip
    Here we go
    Speeding through the blood
    Nothing stops us
    Nothing slows us down
    Nothing is hidden
    Explosions of ecstasy colour the field of vision
    Rage throws its fists into a blind fury
    Sorrow breaks us to bits and we are awash in a fountainhead of tears
    Then blissful peace falls upon us
    Rays of soft light sparkle and dance gently at first
    Then whirl us up in the air to the could heights
    We tuck our wings and dive madly
    Spinning fast into a kaleidoscope
    And entering the sea as a wild shot
    We swim and twist with dolphins
    We sing with whales
    We open our eyes
    And the playing mystic smiles
    As his fingers bring us home