Exclusive interview with a Journalist Adriana Martín editor at Notodo.com

AM – You call yourself a ‘troubadour’. Do you think there’s still room for bards and troubadours in this world of Spotifyand huge summer festivals?

ET – Everything moves, changes and gets to be updated.

In all times, the poetry of life, was, is and will be expressed, reflecting the present day as well as timelessness.

Spotify or any other social platform can vividly support spreading out of this poetry. It all depends on how we express that!

AM – You conceive music as a complete sensorial experience. How did you reach this relationship with music and how do you share this way of seeing it with your audience?

ET – Life is a complete sensorial experience to a certain degree of course. And if so, why the expression of music has to be any different?
There is always a place for all, we are dancing through life with the given presence: at times its the audio, which is the one that most influences the moment, sometimes its a visual, at times its a smell….at times a touch. Yet, all of them are so interwoven with each other that we forget that each is participating in ongoing experience.

AM – Is music always a spiritual experience for you?

ET – Everything is and isn’t. When a bird sings it doesn’t think of itself having a spiritual experience. It has its natural purpose of being.
We, as humans, have such great potentials and can direct our abilities in so many ways. And it’s only to us how such an attitude applies.
While Nature is spiritual and doesn’t require a title.

The Breath of Sound Tour – Madrid

AM – Do you think that it would be able to conceive albums like Mother Of Souls without taking its spiritual part into account?

ET – Everyone is expressing himself or herself basing on the calling an individual has. It mustn’t be better or best rather true to its heart. Of course, we can construct the creation and, yet, the major part of it must come naturally as a present. Natural. We call it by many names, yet, what matters truly is the authenticity of expression.

AM – You are heavily involved with meditation and Yoga. What do these disciplines add to your performances and your creative process? Does music show you any unique paths in meditation?

Everything could be yoga, everything could be a meditation. I can’t say that I’m heavily involved in a gymnastic part of yoga, even though it could be a very beneficial practice for the body.

While playing I do observe the phenomena of breath, focus, presence. That is the purpose of any practice, to Be it, not just Do it.

AM – From Flamenco to Gypsy and Caribbean roots, you seem to try to explore new soundscapes almost with every new album. Which styles are you getting in touch with at the moment?

ET – I have never identified with a particular style, even though in the earlier years, a nomadic lifestyle had an Influence on my expression. It still is. And I trust that life finds its way to express itself through me, all I can do is to Be its resonance.

AM – Is there any musical style that you still haven’t explored but you feel like you will study or develop in the future?

I have been always fascinated by the power of a grand orchestra. Of any kind, actually. When a lot of instruments can play together in unison, its tremendous power can open up the worlds. With time, it is my intention, to be able to gather such a unique combination of stars that would be able to combine the structure with an open space of possibilities.

AM – You’ll be touring with The Breath Of Sound this Spring. What should listeners expect from these next concerts?

ET – First comes an idea, I trust it’s purpose.

While stepping on stage I never know how the sound journey will unfold itself.

Yet It’s still an expression we call Estas Tonne, with his abilities and a language. This language gets to be enriched by a life experience with its new variations appearing from the sound library of life. Let us trust that when we come to such an event, these variations might bring to an observer a new point of view on life, of the self, his or her purpose in life. As well as allowing healing of an old patterns to be transformed.

The Breath of Sound Tour – Madrid

AM – As a post-rock listener, your latest track, Introspection, sounds definitely interesting, as it reminds me of some of the mysterious and almost epic atmospheres that are now trending in instrumental rock. Is this deliberate? Would you ever consider trying that electric guitar rock?

ET – This track is not a song, rather just a captured moment. The variations of it would be different each time. So this time it might sound a bit rocky and another time it would sound a bit more Cuban. Would that mean that I’m driven by Cuban music? 🙂 Life includes in itself all of the colors and if it expresses itself at this moment through a certain filter, so be it!
Though I would consider the electric guitar if that would be on my path.

AM – Last year you offered a guitar workshop through your website. What do you teach there? Will you do anything like that again? Do I have to be an accomplished musician to join? What are you learning from this experience?

ET – Together with dear friends, we wished to run an experiment, which goes beyond the workshop, beyond the guitar playing. I don’t know much about technical playing, yet I can identify when an expression is authentic. During those 5 days we have explored our relationships to ourselves, an instrument and those we share the musical space with.
There were some accomplished musicians, as well as enthusiasts and upcoming guitars players. Though I’m open to meet anyone who is following the path of a true expression in any form. As for now, due to a busy schedule, I don’t know when we will have such an opportunity. However, hopefully, these meetings would be happening more often!

The Breath of Sound Tour – Leida

AM – You offer your music for free on your website and accept donations in exchange. Not too different from the troubadours from the Middle Ages. But, is it possible to make a living of music this way?

ET – Absolutely yes! Though before changing the settings on our site and a band camp, I have played on the streets, for years. Some crowds were very generous, some less, yet it never stopped me from following the path of life I walk.

Observing the phenomena of a donation mentality I have seen that there would be always someone with plenty yet without knowing What sharing is and there would be those that have very little yet knowing How to share.

Many scenarios, countless pathways of being we all are exploring. Yet, what matters the most is that we eventually remember that it’s all about sharing. We are co-creating, co-writing this life together and our contribution to it goes beyond money. And yet, all is included and all is a part of it.

AM – That would be all. Thank you so much for your time and your beautiful music. Good luck with your upcoming tour.

Dear Adriana, thank you so much for such a masterfully put together interview! Thanks for being!!!

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