Vision (2020)

Artist: Estas Tonne feat. Zola Dubnikovva
Title : Vision (2020)
Release Date : Dec 21, 2020
Category : Single
Catalog ref. : 049
Format : MP3 (320 kbps) + WAV
Availability : Digital download
Price : Donation based


The year 2020 has become the year of reVISION for all humanity, so we decided to release a message from a “Mother of Souls” album specially edited for the winter solstice 2020. This is a new version of the piece of poetry “A Call to Prayer” from “Mother of Souls” album featuring Zola Dubnikova and all of the musicians that participated in the track “The Winds will bring you Home”. 

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All this music intended for personal experience and sharing!
If you wish to incorporate it for commercial use please contact us with a description of what is it intended for!

Estas Tonne (guitar)
Zola Dubnikova (poetry)
Liat Zion (vocals)
Dimitri Artemenko (violin)
Elyasaf Bashari (bass)
Artur Krasnobaev (trumpet)
Roy Brosh (drumset)
Joe Sha Shaty (soprano sax)
Yonatan Bar Rashi (bongos)

ReEdited, ReMixed & ReMastered: 2020
Audio Mixed & Mastered by Leon SoundPro Studios
Design, Filmed & Edited by Geri Dagys



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